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Towels are an underappreciated part of the spa experience.
With WRAP, we have created a towel that again takes away some of the frustrations beauty and wellness professionals have when using typical salon and spa towels. WRAP is made from high-quality cotton for great comfort and best performance in heating and steaming.

Our MIST heated towel steamer works with any towels – but WRAP delights the skin.

WRAP is 25” in length but just 8” in width so it is able to wrap most body parts needed in treatments without all of the added bulk that comes from the typical oversized salon or spa towel. Your clients are more comfortable and your treatments are more relaxing in WRAP.

WRAP is 100% pure uncoated cotton so that it is able to absorb the steam quickly and efficiently. Many spa and salon towels are treated with a coating, thereby heating but not absorbing the moisture so necessary for removing product and holding the steam.

Look and feel
All the senses are important in spa or salon treatment.
WRAP is made from premium cotton with a short-loop weave. It absorbs heat quickly, retains the right amount of moisture, and stays plush and soft against the skin.
In two colors, white and slate grey, these towels have the elegant simplicity that looks great in any spa, salon, or home setting.

Simple cleaning and maintenance
WRAP is bleach-safe. The cotton weave makes these towels as sturdy as they are luxurious.

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