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Great spa treatments allow all the sense to work in harmony. Who doesn’t love the added benefit of aromatherapy when giving or receiving a treatment?
Unfortunately, most of today's essential oils tend to clog up and interfere with salon and spa equipment.

Skip the mess and hassle with SCENT. SCENT is our unique and proprietary line of water-soluble essential oils that can be used safely and easily with our MIST heated towel steamer, or any of your existing spa and salon equipment.

Just a small amount of SCENT adds layers of luxury and relaxation to the experience.

Using Ayurvedic principles, we have formulated a simple range of five signature scents that are ideal for the majority of treatments. We focus on classical ingredients including lavender and lemongrass, and offer a custom scent.

Water-soluble oils mean that you don’t have to worry about clogging or blocking of the delicate pieces of salon equipment. That means it's easy for you to provide the perfect scent for each and every appointment and client. No worries and no time lost cleaning equipment.

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