Warm, moist towels create feelings of relaxation, focus, and luxury – shutting out the distractions of the day while hydrating and healing skin and body.
MIST by Spa Simplu saves time and mess, producing perfectly steamed towels with set-it-and-forget-it reliability.

MIST's streamlined form and good looks fit beautifully into spa, salon, or home surroundings. Or its portability can bring a touch of elegance wherever you choose to use it.

Nine-towel capacity makes MIST the perfect size for individual treatments, whether it is a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure, hair treatment or a hot shave.
MIST's built-in towel separator means the towels can simply be rolled up dry and placed into the towel container. No messy pre-wetting and rinsing.

With a counter footprint of just 11”x11” – smaller than a legal-size sheet of paper –  MIST fits into the smallest treatment room without taking up all the space. And weighing just five pounds, it's uniquely portable and ideal for the mobile therapist.

MIST's digital settings are a snap to use. Towels reach a perfect temperature and level of moisture saturation in just 15 to 20 minutes, and then can be kept warm for up to two hours.

Flexibility for custom treatments
With MIST's accompanying water-soluble essential oils, the water can have a couple of drops of oil added using the external water spouts and so each treatment can be easily customized to the client – a more masculine scented steam and towel for men’s shaves or a calming and soothing lavender scented steam for a relaxing massage. The options are limitless.

Safety features for peace of mind
No more worries! MIST is carefully engineered for the safety of your shop or home – and your hands and skin. MIST features precise digital settings, automatic shutoff, a front water level, external water spout, a snug-fitting hinged towel container, super-stable balance and footing, and two voltage options. No more concern about scalding of fingers and hands, tipovers, equipment left on overnight, electrical problems, or other issues that salon or spa owners know all too well.

Easy care and cleaning
MIST's container top is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic.

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