Frequently Asked Questions September 02 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about Spa Simplu salon and spa products

I have seen other towel steamer products – what makes Spa Simpu's better?
Simplicity, reliability, durability, and elegance.
We have years of experience talking directly to salon and spa owners, massage therapists, and beauty and wellness professionals. We focus on a few key products to make their lives easier. 
MIST, WRAP, and our other products look great, so they fit beautifully into elegant spa surroundings. The products aren't fussy and overengineered, and they also aren't built from low-quality parts – they work correctly, they are built to last, and they are easy to care for.
That's what spa treatments need, so that's what we designed.
Can I use my own towels in MIST?
Absolutely. Depending on the size and shape, you will want to figure out the best way to fit the towels into the basket.
The towel separator and the basket dimensions are made to fit nine Spa Simplu WRAP towels, which are long and narrow to allow easy and comfortable application, without unneeded bulk.
How do I clean my MIST towel steamer?
Cleaning the MIST unit is simple, and a little care after use will help prolong the life of the product.
  • The towel basket is dishwasher-safe.
  • The base is an electrical appliance and can NOT be submerged in water or run through the dishwasher.
After unplugging the unit, you can clean it by a simple wipe-down with a clean damp towel each day. Avoid getting water into the vents.
Once each week, we recommend using a descaler product or lemon– leaving the unit offand unplugged, fill the base with clean water and drop in a few lemon slices. The acid from the lemon will help prevent any buildup.
It's also safe to use warm soapy water to clean the water reservoir in the base. Rinse well after cleaning.
You offer two different MIST models. What is the difference between the 110V model and the 220V model? Which one do I need?
The standard electrical outlet in a United States home is 110 volts. This outlet accepts the standard two-prong plug you find on most appliances and lamps. The 110V model MIST steamer would be appropriate for use with this type of outlet.
A 220-volt outlet delivers more electrical power. The 220V MIST model is built to operate with this higher currency, which is common in Europe, Australia and Asia. (220V outlets are also in limited use in the US for heavier appliances, such as a clothes dryer.)
A 110V appliance typically will not plug into a 220V outlet, and the reverse is also true.
Steam is hot – how do I avoid getting burned or scalded?
Any product that produces heat and steam deserves a little respect and awareness.
Here's what we have done to make our products safe to enjoy:
- MIST features stable footing and weight distribution to avoid tipovers.
- The digital display helps you control temperature and time precisely.
- The hinged top prevents drops and accidental exposure to steam.
- The electrical components are safe and high-quality.
- Our HOLD tongs are heat-resistant and easy to grip.
And here's what you can do to keep your treatments safe and relaxing:
- Use the HOLD tongs, or another safe, non-metal tool, to handle hot towels.
- Always be aware of the temperature before placing towels on your own skin or someone else's. 
If a towel is too hot for skin contact immediately out of the basket, hold it up using the tongs to allow some steam to dissipate. 
- Open the steamer basket gently and keep your face and hands clear of the steam.
How can I tell if the steamer needs more water?
The easy-to-read water level gauge on the front of the MIST unit will let you know. 
If it runs out of water completely, the unit will automatically shut off to help ensure safety.
Is the product protected by a warranty?
MIST is protected by a one-year replacement warranty when properly used.
Can I use essential oils and aromatherapy products with MIST?
You can use only WATER-SOLUBLE oils with MIST. 
Use of non-soluble oils is not recommended and will void the warranty. These products are difficult to clean and can ruin the unit.
We offer luxurious water-soluble SCENT essential oils for your convenience. A typical treatment requires just 5 to 7 drops, added directly to the water in the steamer basket.
Other companies also offer water-soluble aromatherapy products.
Where can I buy Spa Simplu products?
You can order here online, or find your nearest retailer here. [LINKS]